Journalism Didn’t Just Die – We Killed It

Pauly Wallnutz May 14, 2013 3

media resize Journalism Didnt Just Die   We Killed It

I find it difficult to believe anything – anything at all – that the mainstream media reports. Between all of the misinformation, over-embellished stories, biased perspectives, and fabricated reports, it’s impossible to find the raw truth.

Breaking news becomes such a media circus with each network scrambling to be the first to deliver that the chaos makes it difficult to get a solid grip on what’s happening. The reports are often inaccurate, the events are misrepresented, and the “official story” always seems to contradict initial eyewitness accounts.

The media is supposed to report the facts, inform the public, and hold our elected government officials accountable. Of course – unless you’ve been living under a rock – it’s clear that the media has taken on an entirely different role. The “facts” are always questionable, the public is severely misinformed, and the media is in bed with the government and corporate elite (one in the same, really).

The manipulative and deceptive propaganda techniques utilized by media outlets have resulted in unparalleled influence over the masses, allowing them to serve the following purposes:

  • Constructing public opinion: The news teaches us what to think, instead of allowing us to think for ourselves. Bias and opinion has virtually replaced facts and evidence. Anyone who disagrees or dares to question is portrayed as a crazy conspiracy theorist.
  • Manufacture consent by rallying the base of their respective audiences. By gaining the approval and support of the public, there is little to no opposition to government / corporate agendas.
  • Act as a megaphone for the government and corporate interests: Major news networks are government and corporate whores essentially. They serve the interests of the elite just like the puppets in Washington. Besides, ever notice how the media reports the “official” account or testimony as the ultimate truth? Instead of questioning public officials to hold them accountable, the media cites them as their sources as a means of perceived credibility.
  • Distract & divide: By focusing on mundane and superficial social issues, the debate becomes so heated that not only are we distracted by more important issues at hand (poverty, famine, warfare, etc), but so strongly divided that it would be nearly impossible to unite against the corruption of our government and the corporate elite.

This is – quite literally – brainwashing.

So, how did this happen? How did we reach this point? It’s simple, really. It happened because we allowed it to happen. Despite their biased perspectives, half truths, and distorted portrayal of reality, we continue to tune in – thus, enabling them to continue. Journalism didn’t just die – we killed it. When we remain silent, refuse to question, and passively accept media and government accounts for truth and fact at face value, we are only contributing to their manipulation and deception. They thrive on our ignorance and profit from our attention.

If the media isn’t holding our officials accountable, then it becomes our job to do so. Turn off the TV. Do your own research. Question everything.

  • Eric Altvater

    “Some people are saying”

    • Paul Srnec

      “Studies have shown” [that correlation does not equal causation].

      • Eric Altvater

        That phrase is too mainstream. I liked it before it was cool