Top 5 Vampire Movies

JZilla January 10, 2012 3

VampireCoverIMage 600x371 Top 5 Vampire Movies

These movies suck!

5. Twilight  (2008)

Twilight has it all: sparkling vampires, Taylor Lautner without a shirt on, and…uh…I guess that about covers it. Okay so Twilight is by no means a cinematic masterpiece, but try telling that to the gazillion of TwiHards worldwide. Fans of traditional vampire lore are typically outraged by Twilight’s popularity, yet the following of the books and films continues to grow. The haters might have to start facing the facts that people genuinely enjoy watching a bratty teenage girl simultaneously fall in love with a walking corpse and a wolf man. Never mind the fact that Hollywood integrated necrophilia and bestiality into a teenage love story and managed to gross $392 million out of us, I want to see who she ends up with!

4. Underworld  (2003)

The creators of Underworld decided to update the vampire genre by throwing lots of guns and lots of explosions into the mix. Surprisingly, it actually worked. Along with the big budget comes an obvious storyline that had never been done right before; werewolves as the enemy. Instead of preying on helpless humans the vampires find themselves locked in an endless war that poses a legitimate threat to their power. The filmmakers are obviously doing something right. With four movies already wrapped it’s hard to imagine Lakeshore Entertainment putting an end to this cash cow anytime soon.

3. Lost Boys  (1987)

Lost Boys was my first exposure to the vampire world and I can’t exactly say I was ready for it. All I remember about my first viewing is being scared out of my mind. Despite the fear, I found myself in a trance, unable to turn from Keither Sutherland’s awful haircut and desperately wanting to join up with Corey Feldman’s vampire fighting crew. I also recall being amused that Bill (Alex Winter), from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, was cast as one of the vampires. This movie would easily be #1 on the list if Keanu Reeves was playing a vampire beside him. I can’t be the only one hoping for a Wyld Stallyns reunion!?

2. From Dusk Till Dawn  (1996)

Featuring a twist ending three years before The Sixth Sense made it the cool thing to do, I have NEVER been more surprised by a movie then the night I unassumingly caught this on TV. The fact that this film appears on a ‘Top 5 Vampire Movies’ list spoils the ‘twist’ that caught me so off guard (vampire’s don’t show up until the second half), but there is no spoiling this film no matter what you’ve heard. If you like vampire movies and you haven’t seen From Dusk Till Dawn, stop reading now and go watch it!

1. Interview with a Vampire  (1994)

The most successful author of vampire based books is undoubtedly Anne Rice, of Vampire Chronicles fame. The first book of her saga, “Interview with the Vampire”, was made into a 1994 film starring Tom Cruise & Brad Pitt as troubled bloodsuckers who view their existence and role in the world quite differently. If you associate vampires with being cold, calculating, and bloodthirsty then this adaptation is a piece of meat you can really sink your teeth into.. but be warned! Unlike some films on this list, Interview with a Vampire doesn’t pull any punches. It is sadistic, haunting and unapologetic; everything a good vampire movie should be.

  • Stommx

    What about ‘Near Dark’? ‘The Fearless Vampire Killers’?  Sorry weak list.


    too soon?

  • Chris Huddleston

    I’d flip one and two. I like them both, but nothing in Interview can top the opening scene of From Dusk ’til Dawn. That movie is a masterpiece of campy violence from start to finish. Also, Salma in her prime to a sweet soundtrack.